Back in mid October, the Jenkins community started "Adopt a Plugin", a drive to get users and developers of Jenkins to take on the maintenance and improvement of plugins which haven't seen any love for some time.

One of these plugins was the External Resource Dispatch Plugin. When I stumbled across "Adopt a Plugin", I decided to inquire how to become the maintainer for the plugin. Until recently, I used the External Resource Dispatcher at work for handling devices in Jenkins, it was extremely useful before it started spewing null pointer exceptions into my logs.

I have been attempting to bring the plugin back to a working state. However, not being much of a Java developer the progress is slow. I do have the plugin compiling and running with the latest Jenkins LTS, just none of the testing works, not failing, the test won't compile. It seems I still have more to learn before getting to the meat of things.

Once I have the plugin running using modern JUnit and my maven package issues (dependencies are there but the test won't care to see them) I'll be working on the following issues:

  • JENKINS-28027 - Allow Parameter Values to be used for Selection Criteria Value
  • JENKINS-27583 - Lock multiple external resources Leaving devices locked and unlocking devices from different jobs
  • JENKINS-24289 - Access to Metadata of dispatched resources

This will be on the back burner though, now that the end of the year has arrived and my holidays are here I can start working on tinyROS. There hasn't been much news or progress on Explorer or tinyROS due to a fairly high workload the past few months, my evenings have been filled with relaxing or more work.

More news will be on the way soon hopefully!