What are Cloud Native Application Bundles

Gareth Rushgrove, "What is CNAB?"

We announced Cloud Native Application Bundles (CNAB) at DockerCon EU and Microsoft Connect just last week, and I spent a bunch of time talking to folks and anwsering questions about it at KubeCon too. As I’m heading home I thought it would be good to write down a few thoughts about what CNAB is. As I see it CNAB is two things:

  • Formalisation of a pattern we’ve seen for multi-toolchain installers
  • Commoditization of the packaging part of the infrastructure-as-code stack

  • More Than Seven

Mostly being focused on applications running in Kubernetes, this is an interesting move for the community outside of that ecosystem. It is great to see these patterns recognised and a more preditable way to handle this type of deployment.

The specification for CNAB is available on cnab.io, and, Microsoft and Docker have developed a too Duffle for managing CNABs.

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